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Nile River Cruises, Nile River Cruise & Egypt Sightseeing Tours

M/S Orchid Nile River Cruise

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M/S Orchid Nile river Cruise Ship
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If you thought that a trip to Egypt meant only a visit to the Pyramids, then think again, as going to Egypt and missing out on the Nile River Cruises is indeed regrettable! This beautiful African nation has a lot to offer and if you are looking to enjoy a true blend of luxury and adventure then do avail the Nile River Cruises.

The Nile River Cruises give the tourists a peek into the Egyptian village life. The countryside, still very ancient in the way that people live in clay huts, plough fields manually and use animal pulled carts as vehicles, can be viewed first hand by the passengers while sunbathing on the deck of a cozy ship.

Depending on your choice, you can avail of cruises of short or long duration. The shorter trips, lasting for a three or four days usually Nile River Cruise Ship between Luxor and Aswan. The longer cruises, lasting maybe a couple of week or even more journey further north to Dendera. So if you chose a long Nile River cruise, the attractions would include:

  • Trips to Cairo, home to the pyramids
  • Museums and other historical places
  • A brief voyage to Abu Simbel, the most southern part of Egypt

A Nile River Cruise holiday on the river Nile can be a memorable experience. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation in Egypt, surrounded by the luxuries of comfort, avail the big ships that substitute as floating hotels (Nile River Cruises Ships). Spacious rooms, modern amenities and lip smacking gourmet…it will indeed be a trip to remember. However if the adventurous spirit in you calls out, you can try traveling on the Nile feluccas. These narrow boats will not be as luxurious as the big ships, but sleeping on the deck and having sailors double as cooks has its own charm, and if this kind of a holiday calls out to you, you will have a great time!

The Nile River Cruises are available all year round, but in mid April, locks on the Nile are shut because of water levels. The best time to go on a cruise on the Nile is October to March when all the locks are open and the weather is nice and cool.

So plan a cruise holiday on the River Nile and get set to experience the land of the pyramids closely.




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M/S Orchid Nile River Cruises's Facilities 


Orchid Nile River Cruise | Guest Services

Daily Entertainment Show.
Disco Tec.
Bridge, Billiards & Tennis Table.
Orchid Nile River Cruise | Overview

Orchid Nile River Cruise | Cabin & Suite Facilities

62 Cabins including 4 suites
Color television & Radio with music channels
Private bathroom with full-size bath tubs
Internal telephone
Central A/C with individual control
Mini bar
Orchid Nile River Cruise | Room

Orchid Nile River Cruise | Recreational Services

Swimming pool
Evening entertainment & shows
Sun deck with bar
Orchid Nile River Cruise | Restaurant

The details of M/S Orchid Nile River Cruise

From Aswan to Luxor for 03 nights / 04 days Nile Cruise & Itinerary

Orchid Nile River Cruise | Route: Aswan / Luxor
Orchid Nile River Cruise | Sailing dates: Wednesday
Orchid Nile River Cruise | Duration: 03 nights / 04 days

 M/S Orchid Nile River Cruise & Itinerary 

Day 1:


Embarkation & lunch on board. Afternoon tour by Felucca around Elephantine Island, the Botanical Garden, and the Agha Khan. Dinner.

Day 2:

Aswan / Edfu / Kom Ombo

Breakfast on board Visit the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the Temple of Philae Lunch Sail to Kom Ombo Visit Kom Ombo temple. Continue Sail to Edfu.

Day 3:


Breakfast on board Visit Edfu Temple Sail to Esna Lunch on board during sail Cross Esna Lock. Continue sail to Luxor.

Day 4:


Breakfast & Disembarkation. Visit the West Bank. This includes the Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari, and the Valley of the Kings Visit Luxor & Karnak Temple.




The details of M/S Orchid Nile River Cruise

From Luxor to Aswan for 04 nights / 05 days Nile Cruise & Itinerary

Orchid Nile River Cruise | Route: Luxor / Aswan
Orchid Nile River Cruise | Sailing dates: Saturday
Orchid Nile River Cruise | Duration: 04 nights / 05 days

 M/S Orchid Nile River Cruise & Itinerary 

Day 1:


Embarkation & lunch on board Proceed with the visits of the East Bank. This includes Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. Transfer back to the cruise Dinner.

Day 2:

Luxor / Esna / Edfu

Breakfast & Visit the West Bank. This includes The Colossi of Memnon, The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari, and the Valley of the Kings Lunch on board Sail to Esna Dinner.

Day 3:

Edfu / Kom Ombo / Aswan

Continue sail to Edfu Visit the Temple of Edfu Sail to Kom Ombo Lunch during sail Visit Kom Ombo Temple, Dinner.

Day 4:


Breakfast & Sail to Aswan Lunch on board Felucca ride around Elephantine Island, the Botanical Garden, and the Agha Khan Dinner Felucca ride around Elephantine Island, and view of Agha Khan and Botanical Garden.

Day 5:


Breakfast & Disembarkation Visit the High Dam, The Unfinished Obelisk, and Philae Temple.



Orchid Nile River Cruise | Include

Orchid Nile River Cruise | Exclude

Full board meals
Sightseeing as in itinerary
Guided tours during cruise by licensed Egyptologist
Entrance fees for sightseeing tours
Local taxes
Transfer To & from Nile Cruise
International & domestic flights
Tourist VISA
Tips for tour guides

M/S Orchid Nile river Cruises | Rates

 Summer 2009 Rates in US Dollars 




Applicable Dates




Not Available

Note: Rates are per person / per night & based on full board basis. Cruise services start and end at embarkation points - transfers to and from embarkation points are NOT included in above rates.


               Land Tour Extension to Abu Simbel Temples

                   Sightseeing Trip to Abu Simbel Temples 


Tour To Abu Simbel | The Abu Simbel temples


Tour to Abu Simbel . . . a witness turned to stone as evidence to posterity of the power of the divine Pharaoh.

The Abu Simbel temples were carved out of a mountain on the west bank of the Nile. There are two: the colossal temple of Ramsis, which was dedicated to the Egyptian gods Ra-Horakhty, Amun and Ptah, and to the deified pharaoh himself. The smaller temple of Nefertari was dedicated to Hathor, the cow-headed Egyptian goddess of love. In the doorway to the main temple are four statues of Ramsis, each more than 20 meters high, accompanied by smaller statues of the Queen Mother and Nefertari. Above the doorway stands a figure of the falcon-headed sun-god Ra-Horakhty. Inside, eight statues of Ramsis hold up the roof of the Hypostyle Hall; the relief's on the wall show the pharaoh victorious in various battles. In the next hall, Ramsis temple and Nefertari temple are shown in front of the gods and the solar baroques that will carry them to the underworld. The innermost chamber is the sacred sanctuary, where the gods (including Ramsis) sit on their thrones. Twice a year; every February 22nd and October 22nd at sunrise, light penetrates the temple and illuminates the faces of these figures.

If you decide to stay overnight at Abu Simbel, the Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show is truly memorizing; you will not want to miss this incredible display of history reflecting off the massive stone monuments with laser lights and amphitheater quality background music. Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show is performed every night at the Karnak Temple. At dusk, enjoy a magical experience as floodlit buildings are silhouetted against the volcanic rocks and surrounding water. Let your imagination take you back in time to experience how the ancient Pharaohs might have lived. For complete details for this optional tour excursion

Evening Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show:

There are evening more that one of Abu Simbel Sound & Light Show available in Aswan at the Philae Temple and in Luxor at the Karnak Temple. Some Nile River cruise schedules afford you time for optional land tour excursions.


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